Site Update

First thing first: I have implemented categorization for my blogs on this website. You can now browse all categories here and click the posts one by one per category.

Also, there is now a dedicated search page. You can go there and basically type keywords and list of articles will be displayed dynamically. See screen record below:

Right now there’s not a lot of them, but expect more coming forwards this year–especially those in this list!

The List

And now the list. Let’s start with this: I’m glad 2023 has passed. There were a lot of milestones in 2023 for me, but at the same time there have been also a lot of misfortunes. I planned to write a lot on this blog last year, especially since the full redeployment of my blog to Hugo, but things came one after another and so my first wish for 2024 is for the misfortunes to go away–like far, far away–so that I’d have more time to do things that are more productive, such as writing.

So, here we go, one by one, the list of things I would write here on this blog this year. And when I say “this year”, that means before the end of this year. That means unless something so drastic and dramatic happened, I’ll try, as much as possible, to check the list one by one. Regard this as a promise I made to myself.

  1. How and why did I get kicked out of my previous apartment–and how that dear landlord of mine screwed me and my family (cautionary tale, and do not expect me spilling any names; legal reasons)
  2. Why did I decide to go deep into web development with Hugo, especially for blogging (spoiler: used to be Wordpress user for almost ten years)
  3. Migrating my old book-review blog here fully (this is more like a coding to-do instead of writing task though lol) and then write at least five book reviews
  4. Write about at least three other weekend projects of mine and my open-source contributions
  5. Write about Privacy
  6. Write about my progress learning Japanese, Rust, and Julia
  7. Write about Liberty and how I started losing faith on it last year.

If you have any idea on what to write feel free to comment below!