My name is Ahmad Alkadri. You can find out more about me profesionally on my LinkedIn. Sometimes I travel and took photos.

I came to Europe in 2015, specifically to France, for my Master’s study. Originally, I came from the field of Forestry. Due to some weird course of fate, I became entangled in the field of wood acoustics, wrote a scientific article about violin wood, and worked as an Applied Researcher in the R&D department of Henri SELMER Paris–one of the best clarinet manufacturer in the world.

Today, I work as a Senior Simulation Engineer at Leko Labs

Nowadays I work a lot more with Python for doing simulations, especially building construction simulations. I also wrote some ML codes and bots to automate some processes. In my spare time I read books, play music, or travel. I don’t know yet what will I do with this blog (maybe just blogging codes), but for now, I’ll just make it as another one of my little corners on the web.